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Open water Diver Course (PADI)

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Coupon Open water Diver Course (PADI)
Normal $430(22,396PHP)
Discount 22,396PHP
Minimum 2persons
Total (Price Per Person) 22,396PHP


Open water Diver Course (PADI)
Open Water Diver course with professional instructors
The instructors will teach you safety precautions and give detailed information about the activity.
You will be an open water diver!Have a cool summer ~!
★ Skin Scuba Diving

Scuba was not used for sports or recreation at the beginning, it was diving technology used in the military.
It began to be used for sports in the 1950s and '60s, and began to take its place in earnest from the 1970s.
It’s a short history, but skin scuba diving has become a successful leisure sport.
★ Open Water Diver Course (Open Water License)

1. Fill in a PADI Student Record File (including Health Statement, Diver's medical History Questionnaire, PADI Standard Safety Diving Understanding Statement, and Disclaimer of Risk Agreement).

2. DVD watching, theoretical education / final theoretical exam (6 ~ 7 hours in total)

3. Restricted waterslide classes - Skill training in accordance with the new PADI regulations, depending on the individual's ability to acquire 1 to 2 days.

4. Open water course - 4 times in total (minimum 2 days required)

* Reservation available: 1 person
* Time required: 3 days (It depends on how much you acquire your course.)
* The order may change according to the instructor's discretion.

★ Open Water Diving Age requirements

This is only available for those who are above 10 years old to adults only.

* Children under the age of 10 are not allowed. Please refer to the reservation guidelines.

(As of 2017, it is not possible to book a reservation for those who were born between 2008 – 2017. Reservation is only available for those who are 10 years old and above. )
★ Open Water Diver Course Information

- Please book at least 2 weeks before the diver certification course.
- The diver course takes 3 days in total.
- Open Water course is conducted in Knowledge Learning, practice in Restricted Water, and Open Water.
- After completing the three-day course, take the final written examination.
-The exam is total of 50 questions, and you can get a certificate if your score is above 70. (If you fail, you can take one more exam.)
- Veteran instructor will teach you with detailed courses
- All programs are taught by the PADI course, the world's leading diving association, and are carried out in accordance with PADI regulations.

Time for Reserve



PADI Open Water Diving Course (includes scuba gear, materials, and certification)
  • You will meet the diary guide at the appointed meeting place and time as indicated in your reservation before going to the diving shop.
  • Theoretical training and diving training are conducted according to the instructor's lessons.
  • Dive classes will be held in the restricted and open waters with the instructor.
  • The schedule for the diving certification course is adjusted after a consultation with the diving instructor on the first day of the course.
    (Takes about 3 ~ 4 days)
Essential Reading * Please inform the instructor about your physical condition.
* We recommend that you avoid boarding the airplane within 24 hours after diving.
* The Open Water Diver course will be completed after doing it in the restricted water area and 4 times in open water areas.
(If you do not finish the course, you will not be able to complete the Open Water Diver course and you can finish it in other countries depending on your situation.)

★ Open Water Diving Age Regulations
This is only available for those who are 10 years old and above. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed.
(As of 2017, it is not possible to book a reservation for those who were born between 2008 – 2017. Reservation is only available for those who are 10 years old and above. )


★ Diving health safety notice
-Scuba diver is not to be overweight or in bad physical condition.
-Diving can be very difficult under certain conditions.
-The respiratory and circulatory system must be healthy.
-All body’s air space should be normal and healthy.
-People with heart problems, current cold or nasal congestion, epilepsy, asthma, serious medical problems, or people who have drunk or have taken medication should not dive.
- History of ear inflammation, ear infections, hearing loss or balance, ear or sinus surgery.
- Current cold, nasal congestion, sinusitis or bronchitis
- Circulatory problems, serious allergic reactions or history of lung disease.
- Pneumothorax or breast surgery.
- History of active asthma or emphysema or pulmonary tuberculosis.
- Taking medications that warn you about your current physical or mental impairment.
- Behavioral health, mental or psychological problems or nervous system disorders.
- You may be pregnant or pregnant.
- Artificial anoplasty.
- Heart or heart attack, heart surgery, vascular surgery.
- High blood pressure, angina pectoris or Taken blood pressure medication.
- over 45 years old, History of heart attack or stroke.
- Bleeding history or other blood disorders.
- Diabetes history.
- Seizures. Temporary amnesia or fainting, convulsions or epilepsy or taking medicines to prevent them.
- A history of an arm or leg problem, such as an accident, fracture or surgery.
- Fear of a closed or open space or a panic attack (claustrophobia or agoraphobia).

* If you have any of the above, diving will be prohibited or restricted. Please bring your doctor's medical opinion with you, before you come to Boracay.

Company Information

  • Company name Party House Dive Center The business number

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주의사항 및 환불규정

* 주의사항

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* 환불규정

- 투어 진행일 기준

  • 20일 ~ 이전 전액환불
  • 10일 ~ 19일 이전 취소수수료
  • 8 ~ 9일 이전 취소수수료
  • 1 ~ 7일 이전 취소수수료
  • 당일취소 취소수수료

- 환불 요청시 접수일로 부터 최대 일주일까지 소요될 수 있으며 결제 수단에 따라 소요기간이 상이합니다.

- 계좌환불: 은행 영업일 기준 최대 7일까지 소요될 수 있습니다.

- 카드환불: 환불 접수 후 카드 매출 취소 시점과 고객 카드사의 환불 처리 기준에 따라 환불 날짜가 달라집니다. 따라서 정확한 환불 예정 날짜는 환불 접수일로부터 3~4일 후 해당 카드사에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.