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home Reservation Massage

Normal $80(4,124PHP)
Discount 3,609PHP
Minimum 2persons
run-time 2hour 30minutes
Total (Price Per Person) 3,609PHP


Spa and massage can be done while enjoying the view of the quiet and beautiful beach.
Maris Spa is located inside the fairway resort of Boracay.
Enjoy a relaxing spa and massage while enjoying the view of Boracay beach
Maris Spa is a massage shop located in front of the beach and inside of the blue waters of the Boracay fairway resort.

The outlook and the scenery are good, and you can spend time at the beach while getting a massage.
many people love it

You can enjoy the spa and massage in the luxurious room With a tranquil view of the calm and beautiful beach.
This is the strength of Maris Spa.

You can also choose a variety body scrubs for your skin if you add 10 dollars per person.
★ Maris Spa Info.
1. There is no age requirement, if child or teenager wants to get a massage, they will be charged the same as adults. (If child or teenager wants to get a massage, they will be charged the same as adults.)

2. Maris Spa offers a round pick-up service

3. If you're pregnant, tell us when you make a reservation

*This spa massage does not offer body scrub
If you want to add body scrub, you can add it in the option
Extra charge of 10$ per person will be added when adding a scrub.

4. Anyone who uses Maris Spa is free to use Fairway resorts’ private beach.

* Anyone who wants to use the pool will have to pay 100 pesos to Maris Spa..
-If you ask for a beach towel, we will lend you free at the Maris Spa.
★ Maris spa’s aroma oil type

1. lavender oil: Excellent effect and refreshes both the skin and the mind
*Pregnant women are advised to avoid.

2. Green tea oil: Eliminates impurities in the skin and purifies it, protecting vulnerable skin and helps it to avoid from aging.

3. Ylang-ylang oil: It balances the skin, and it helps relieve stress with its exotic fragrance. It is effective for oily and dry skin.
*Pregnant women are advised to avoid.

4. Placenta Cream: It protects your skin and makes clean and refreshed. Vitamin E, skin whitening, and anti-aging are effective. Collagen and Elastine are effective in moisturizing and fine wrinkles.

★ Body scrubs type (choose a in the option)

1. Coconut scrubs
Coconut milk is dematured and dematured in non-presentative fashion.
By dissolving unnecessary fats and fungi,
It is particularly effective for pregnant women, kernings, abscesses, dandruff, and moisturizing.

2. Coffee scrubs
It is also excellent for relieving cold skin, as well as relieving the skin from dehydration. It helps to achieve a smooth skin tone.

3. Seaweed scrub
Using natural seaweed ingredients, rich mineral and minerals can be conveyed deep in the skin to make it clear and moist ,Remove dead skin to achieve a clear and transparent one

4. Strawberry and mocha scrubs
The strong antioxidant effects of strawberry extract and the natural cut-capping of coffee cones help to regulate skin tone in the skin. The skin is moisturized and smooth.

Time for Reserve

11:00 / 14:00 / 17:00 / 20:00


Massage shop round-trip pick-up service
Shower, Laundry service
Swimming pool in the shop, baby-sitter service

* Please note: If you are staying at a distant resort outside the station 1 ~ 3, we will not be able to pick up.Massage Shop.
  • Listen to the massage guide and select the desired oil.

    Follow the instructions and move to the massage room.
  • Use of warm Jakuji Spa (30 minutes)
    * If you have added scrub, scrape the scrub after you use it.
  • After taking a shower, get a full-body aroma oil massage.
  • Put placenta cream to face and have facial massage then finish with simple stretching.
Essential Reading 1. All reservations can only be made up to 3 months prior to the date of tour. This is due to a refund policy for tour cancellation.
2. On the day of cancellation of all activities, 50 % of the fees will be incurred.
3. If the contact (phone, e-mail) you entered at the time of booking is incorrect, the reservation may be automatically canceled.
4. If you do not pay within 48 hours of your reservation date, your reservation will be automatically canceled.
(If you have exceeded 48 hours, please apply again.)
5. Some discount coupons may not be available on the desired date or time.
We will contact you by e-mail for early closing products.
6. For package items, the departure will take place at the appointed time
(In case of late arrival you will be marked as ‘no show’)


* Customers who have allergies, sensitive skins, and easily get bruises should inform the therapist in advance
* If you're pregnant, please tell us in advance

Company Information

  • Company name Maris Spa The business number

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주의사항 및 환불규정

* 주의사항

  • - 모든 상품의 당일 취소시 수수료 100%가 발생됩니다.
  • - 예약시 입력하신 연락처 (휴대폰,E-mail) 가 올바르지 않을 경우 예약이 자동으로 취소될 수 있습니다.
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  • - 묶음 할인 상품의 경우 정해진 시간에 출발합니다. (늦을 경우 NO SHOW 처리 됩니다.)
  • - No Show로 인한 일정 취소 시 일정 변경 또는 환불이 불가합니다.

* 환불규정

- 투어 진행일 기준

  • 20일 ~ 이전 전액환불
  • 10일 ~ 19일 이전 취소수수료
  • 8 ~ 9일 이전 취소수수료
  • 1 ~ 7일 이전 취소수수료
  • 당일취소 취소수수료

- 환불 요청시 접수일로 부터 최대 일주일까지 소요될 수 있으며 결제 수단에 따라 소요기간이 상이합니다.

- 계좌환불: 은행 영업일 기준 최대 7일까지 소요될 수 있습니다.

- 카드환불: 환불 접수 후 카드 매출 취소 시점과 고객 카드사의 환불 처리 기준에 따라 환불 날짜가 달라집니다. 따라서 정확한 환불 예정 날짜는 환불 접수일로부터 3~4일 후 해당 카드사에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.