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Land, Sea and Air Package (Hopping+Parasailing+Pamilya foot)

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Coupon Land, Sea and Air Package (Hopping+Parasailing+Pamilya foot)
Adult : 9,474PHPChild : 9,474PHP
Adult : 4,474PHPChild : 4,474PHP
Minimum 2persons
run-time Pamilya - Foot massge : 1hour
[Package] Parasailing : 15minutes
Show me the hopping. hip! hop! ping! : 5hour
Total (Price Per Person) 4,474PHP


Land, Sea and Air Package (Hopping+Parasailing+Pamilya foot)
Show me the Hopping Tour + Parasailing + Foot Massage Package
Great hopping tour in the sea of Boracay! Exhilarating parasailing in the heaven of Boracay!
And the cool foot massage! Enjoy 100% in Boracay
  • Hopping tour
    Every odd day at 11:30 am depart from diary cafe lounge
  • 11 am - 5 pm
    Hopping with luxury seafood and Snorkeling
    Laurel Island or West Cove
    (It may be changed depending on the weather)
  • Parasailing
    every day at 2 pm (on request) depart from diary cafe lounge.
  • Foot massage at 1 pm to 9 pm (every day)
    Please come to Diary Cafe Lounge.
Pamilya - Foot massge
Foot massage promotes circulation of blood, and removes wastes and toxins, thus enhancing the natural healing power of the body.

It also has excellent efficacy for recovery.

The Pamilya is a massage shop located near D-mall in Boracay, which is a new conceptual foot & body massage shop that provides a rewarding massage to relieve the fatigue.

Close distance to D-mall, it offers the ultimate break to travelers.

* All guests using Pamilya massage shop, you can take a shower for free.

Time for Reserve

13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00 / 21:00


1 hour massage
  • Lay on the bed and relax your leg muscles with a warm towel.
  • Get Foot massage and foot calf massage.
  • After foot massage, you get head acupressure massage.
  • Finish with stretching.
    Total 60 minutes
[Package] Parasailing
★Parasailing where in you can feel the sea and sky simultaneously.

Get a kick out of a cool speed boat and build a more exciting experience.
Boracay Parasailing is a transparent sea of Boracay, 200 meters wide, and stretches the entire Boracay Island.
It's an activity that has a big advantage where you can look down upon Boracay.
Feel free to see the beautiful sky overlooking the

beautiful scenery of Boracay and the sea. Fun memories are good for stress relief!
★ Tips for Parasailing

1. If you give your camera or cell phone to our guide, he/she will take your pictures

2. When you come down with Parasailing, sometimes they drop off to water for fun.
If you don’t want it, just say ‘ No Pongdang’ to guide

★ Parasailing info.

1. The price of parasailing is 1 person, and parasailing is usually carried out in pairs.

If you take only one person, there will be an extra charge. (If you choose to do so, you can choose from the option selection.)

2. Parasailing Boarding Pass : reservation and Boarding Pass ONLY available for ages 5 and above (with guardian)

3. Your clothes may get wet when you get off.

4. Parasailing is affected by waves and the wind.
If the weather is not good to do parasailing, we will change the time or date.

5. If you are unable to make a tour due to deteriorating weather conditions, you will receive a 100 % refund.

Time for Reserve

  • Ride in a speed boat with a diary guide and go to a parasailing boat at 2pm
  • Sailing through a boat to experience parasailing.
    Follow the instructions and fasten the safety gear
  • Enjoy the parasailing activity ( about 15~20 mins)
  • Transfer to a speed boat and return to Boracay Island.
Show me the hopping. hip! hop! ping!
★Potint 1. Before we start our tour, let’s have a grab of delicious chilly crab!

We offer luxurious course lunch menu: Alimango Crab!
We serve fine dining food including Alimango Crab, 2 Butter Garlic Shrimps, 2 Philippine Sausages and 2 Beef Sushi. We also serve Garlic Rice, Miso soup, Salad, Vegetable Pickles, and Iced tea.

Try our food and have a bite of delight!
★Point 2. Laurel island (crystal cove island) or west cove tour (1 hr)

1. Laurel island (crystal cove island)

Crystal Cove is a privately owned island. It shows a different view of Boracay. Take awesome pictures with a breathtaking view for some good memory to cherish!

2. West cove -A paradise on earth, Enjoy the wonderful view with cool drinks!

Immerse yourself in the turquoise sea water while snorkeling and have a blast while with the colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfishes and more of its marine community.
Dive at Westcove's diving point along the cliffs.

*In case of Low Tide, an accident prevention related diving jump will not be available.

★ Hopping tour location will be either at Laurel Island or West Cove depending on the condition of the weather.

Laurel Island is located at the back side while West Cove could be found at the front side.

The weather in Boracay changes from dry season to rainy season, thus affecting the current and the wind that would be considered for the safety of the scheduled tour.

★Point 3. Everyone is invited to explore the wonderful turquoise sea while snorkeling

Immerse yourself in the turquoise sea water while snorkeling and have a blast while with the colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfishes and more of its marine community.

A native guide from the island will explain how to do snorkeling and the easiest way to do it.

While snorkeling, you can have tropical fruits and local style cocktail.
Tropical food varies according to the local conditions
★Hoping tour Information

*The tour’s sequences could change according to local condition.

*Tour will be as follows: chili crab meal+ snorkeling + Laurel island or west cove tour.

* Hopping tour fare depending on age: age 0-5 is free/ age 6-7 is 30 dollars( 50% of adult fees/ sea food lunch is not included) age above 8 pay the same as adult fees.

*We consider the traveler’s safety as the most important thing. In case of threatening situation, we will not push through with the hopping tour.

*Please arrive on time at the lounge during your schedule. If you are late without any calls or notifications, your reservation will be canceled and refund or rescheduling is prohibited.

*Food that is not hygienic would not be served to the guests.

*Food hygiene is given utmost importance because of the hot weather.

*On the ship, we do not offer nor provide food from just any restaurants.

Time for Reserve



-Snorkeling gear(Mask and life jacket included), west cove or Laurel island tour (entrance fee included)
-Alimanggo crab lunch, unlimited fruits (mango, pineapple), unlimited drinks and alcohol, unlimited ramen, guide


Hopping tour tips 2$ or 100 pesos per person
  • Meeting in diary café lounge at 11: 30 am
    Short briefing before departure
  • Have alimango meal lunch at Sshishiro
  • Snorkeling in west cove or Laurel island tour
  • Had fun with our hopping tour?
    Finally! go back to resort

    Tour will start at 11:30am
Essential Reading 1. The activities above come in a package. The activities will be done one by one according to the set schedule. Changes in the order of the activities are not allowed.
2. The activities can only be booked with your desired date. (Hopping tour –odd day/ Parasailing – selectable (2pm) / Foot massage – selectable (1pm~9pm)
3. There are no additional expenses except for extra tips (separated tip with hopping tour and massage/ hopping tour tip about 2$ or 100 pesos, massage tip 1$ or pesos per person)
4. In case of heavy rain or typhoon, hopping tour can proceed or scheduled date and time could be changed.
5. The schedule stated may change due to local circumstances.
6. You must state your physical condition in advance.
(Surgery, lung / heart disease / pregnancy / drug or alcohol addiction, or related diseases)


All marine sports are prone to accidents. Make sure to have your health checked in advance before booking. If you are not feeling well, we do not recommend that you book the activity.
Your safety is our priority. In case there will be an accident, parties involved will take the responsibility.

If you have a history of any heart problem or had a recent surgery, please refrain from booking the activity. We also advise that you listen carefully to the precautions that will be provided by the instructor for your safety.
*Pregnant women will not be allowed to do parasailing for their safety.

Company Information

  • Company name Pamilya Massage The business number
    Address Station 2, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
  • Company name Diamond Water Sports The business number
  • Company name SHOW ME THE HOPPING (DAIRY) The business number

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* My 다이어리란? 여행 일정을 원하는대로 자유롭게 만들 수 있는 신개념 예약 시스템 * 필리핀에서 전화 주실 때 036-288-2080 / 0999-992-8194

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주의사항 및 환불규정

* 주의사항

  • - 모든 상품의 당일 취소시 수수료 100%가 발생됩니다.
  • - 예약시 입력하신 연락처 (휴대폰,E-mail) 가 올바르지 않을 경우 예약이 자동으로 취소될 수 있습니다.
  • - 예약일 기준으로 48시간 안에 결제되지 않으면, 예약이 자동으로 취소됩니다. (48시간을 넘기신 경우 다시 예약을 신청해 주세요.)
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  • - 묶음 할인 상품의 경우 정해진 시간에 출발합니다. (늦을 경우 NO SHOW 처리 됩니다.)
  • - No Show로 인한 일정 취소 시 일정 변경 또는 환불이 불가합니다.

* 환불규정

- 투어 진행일 기준

  • 20일 ~ 이전 전액환불
  • 10일 ~ 19일 이전 취소수수료
  • 8 ~ 9일 이전 취소수수료
  • 1 ~ 7일 이전 취소수수료
  • 당일취소 취소수수료

- 환불 요청시 접수일로 부터 최대 일주일까지 소요될 수 있으며 결제 수단에 따라 소요기간이 상이합니다.

- 계좌환불: 은행 영업일 기준 최대 7일까지 소요될 수 있습니다.

- 카드환불: 환불 접수 후 카드 매출 취소 시점과 고객 카드사의 환불 처리 기준에 따라 환불 날짜가 달라집니다. 따라서 정확한 환불 예정 날짜는 환불 접수일로부터 3~4일 후 해당 카드사에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.