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Byte Club (BITE CLUB)
Name : 관리자 Hit : 12,738

Boracay is known as a restaurant will introduce you to BITE CLUB!!

D I'm not driving around in search of a Ferris wheel is also easy peasy!!

Byte Club is famous for its burgers. Should always be people crowded in the evening.

2011-10-19 11;30;40.jpg

2011-10-19 11;30;53.jpg

2011-10-19 11;30;59.jpg

2011-10-19 11;31;05.jpg

Burger toppings go in my suit, and I'm able to

2011-10-19 11;31;09.jpg

Wood-grilled burger as the Patty goes directly into the bake come out!! Even more so tasty ~

2011-10-19 11;31;15.jpg

It's a triple X ~!! 3 ~ 4 people eating goodie

Lunchtime simply eating good food.

2011-10-19 11;31;19.jpg

2011-10-19 11;31;24.jpg

2011-10-19 11;31;29.jpg

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