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Valhalla (valhalla)
Name : 관리자 Hit : 12,521

Located inside d'mall fusion restaurant-Valhalla

Steak is delicious ^ ^

2011-10-19 13;29;24.jpg

2011-10-19 13;29;34.jpg

On interior walls painted an interesting picture ^ ^

2011-10-19 13;29;39.jpg

Back rip – I liked so much white granules

2011-10-19 13;29;46.jpg

Chicken salad-vegetables are rare (?)In Boracay, there seems to be a more delicious salad.

2011-10-19 13;29;50.jpg

Sirloin-Sirloin steak was a bit chewy in the flesh.

2011-10-19 13;29;55.jpg

Tenderloin-tenderloin steak, the flesh is tender and really delicious.

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