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Boracay dining-national snack shawarma (Shawarma)
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Republic of the Philippines the locals love the lovely and affordable restaurants in the

' Shawarma (Shawarma) will introduce a ' ~

Shawarma is a goat in the Middle East, such as Turkey, chicken, beef, sheep, and put the sandwich roll like a stone stones

Eating food comes from. Usually, shawarma is a pita bread (pita bread), called thin

Having eaten pita bread wrapped in bread is made using a variety of materials, in addition to.

Hot meals in the Republic of the Philippines as a substitute snack is loved by many people's mind, which

Boracay travel when you can get the elusive or even meals nutritious

Snacks rentals ' shawarma ' seems to be a good alternative.

Shawarma I mentioned earlier like eating bread and sandwich

Korean fried rice fried with meat and vegetables in terms of eating out

Form must have let the rice is highly recommended ~

Unlike in Boracay bar bar at the entrance to the market, as you can see, you can use a small storefront.

Fried rice, shawarma is juicy.

Many foods contain so little paper tins at the floor like go anywhere where available. ^^

So enjoy it fried Qin shawarma rice eggs only 69, South Korea bought about 1, 700 yen;

Guests can casually case?

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