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Boracay transportation theorem
Name : 관리자 Hit : 19,534

(Black strip off LAN-> Boracay gaiters) boats/environment/

Boat 1, 25php (night 30 php)

The environment tax of 1 75 php

Terminal p 1, 100php

Porter 1 bag 20 php

(Tri-City Cleveland)

Gaiters-port <-> station 1-3 section 100 php

In addition to the PlayStation 3 port of each half <-> area 120-150 php

Indie Doo Earle (individual)
Special (Special)
In line 10 php

In line 20 php port <-> leggings

* Tri-City 5-6 people or more on a single big catch from
In section 60, php

If you escape the city 75-150 php

* Transportation: useful Tagalog

Fight Mall eating!(Sa D-mall po) = > please d'mall

Won-Hun de Reed TA (One hundred Tayo) = > 100 Peso!

Indie Doo Earl TA (Individual Tayo) = > just like the bus!

D another lang (Dito lang) = > here you go ~ ~!

FA-la-d again (Para Dito) = > here stop!!!

Example: d Mall and want to go to an indie Doo Earl ~!

Indie's non-combat duel Ta di Mall!

(Individual Tayo Sa D-mall)

* Tri-City vehicle before boarding please get a price agreement in advance is recommended.

* Larger articles are slightly more expensive Tri-City, how do the negotiations and never fight.

* If you lose your cell phone and camera in the greater Tri-City guests.

Find implausible, belongings, and please be careful .

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