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The newly relocated Boracay diary cafe lounge access! (2015)
Name : 이지희(Diary) Hit : 9,967
* How *, Boracay diary cafe lounge-access map 1. located on the main road to Boracay d'mall, with Mart of (Budget Mart), with a relative to the stand at the lake behind Kmart. 2. overlook the Lake and along the main road in the direction of the left side of the State. 3. approximately 1 minute from the right bank of the Red sign of BP Chemicals eye (BPI BANK). BPI Bank looks right after a small private hospital buildings. 4. being a small private clinic to take place just after the lanes to the recipe. (Private hospital building and Palazzo private spa (massage shop) in the alley between the) 5. only a few footprints in the alley walk you travel Cafe Sunflower (SUNFLOWER CAFE TRAVEL) is right! -Boracay diary lounge travel Cafe Sunflower is operated with. Please feel at ease. -Search for us the way when local phone! When you dial into a local diary roaming von          0999-992-8194 number, tap call button as (depending on the model, select the ' ' other outgoing). When you phone in Korea-070-4018-2525 please contact us.  .
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