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2017 diary blog experience is only recruiting notice
Name : DIARY(이지희) Date : 2016-12-21 Hit : 9,100
* Experience only blog diary application bulletin in 2017 * Create your own travel-filled blog! Even the local free trial! All benefit from an extraordinary opportunity:   Diary travel blog experience is only recruiting! Application period and personnel:, January 2017 – based on the criteria detailed in a separate Bulletin: 00 regional monthly one blogger first details                                                     (However, only your blogger (1) free trial support, McKnight is normal selling.)   Recruitment target: free travel to Boracay in 2017 will now operate a personal blog of all                                 (Note, however, that blog posting full posts more than 100 active blogs, be preferentially details subject to change) Experience great benefit: each local activities include travel, depending on the circumstances, provide the opportunity to experience the                      (A tour that is provided depends on the local situation, experience single-item details will be discussed after the winner and individual)   If you are being singled out to experience the   of   have been provided to Boracay after experiencing cultural excursions Vivid review (reviews) on your blog   reviews will proceed to postings in the format:   ★ How to apply   Airtel is the first application of the Bulletin of the event in the most way diary written notice, read the corresponding event bulletin Airtel diary writing please upload submissions filed complete! Airtel diary of events   h t t p: a shortcut to the Bulletin Board//www.airteldiary.com/airtel_ko/DocView.html? page_id = 112 ★ Writing form to apply -Writing the application title:   [blog experience only application] will travel to the region name   (Boracay, Cebu, Da Nang, choose from Kota Kinabalu) -Writing the application content 1. applicant's name   2. cell phone contacts 3. the e-mail address is   4. travel to the area and detailed due date 5. will use the timetable   6. will use the resort or in the hotel's   7. applicant's blog address   8. travel personnel   Please fill in the form above, as only the title will not be completed until   Winners will be contacted individually to give contact information (phone number and e-mail address), and are not necessarily accurate. Look forward to your interest and participation!       Experience is not only exaggerated for comic-related questions: Diary travel (070-4367-6161 /diary_jh0114@diarytravel.com)   .
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