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Boracay diary lounge (Office) in the previous guidance
Name : DIARY(이지희) Date : 2017-04-28 Hit : 7,996
  < 2017 Boracay diary local cafe lounge (Office) formerly guide > May 3-2017 Free travel diary was in Boracay ' sunflower Café lounge ' (Director) has been to before! Details can be found at the bottom of the directions, please note! (05-02 until this visit as a traditional lounge, and advance new lounges open may 3 onwards!) Osaka Japan-access map- Boracay main road     Kraft (Kraft raabs), Department stores (green building) across the street from the Gift shop and century Golden Mart (Golden Century Mart) is located right on the alley between. (With a 3-minute walk from/1 minutes walk from Kraft) * Near shops-MT a Korean restaurant, Tom n Toms, Kraft (Kraft raabs) Department store   .
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