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The start of another noble elegance hopping. .. Show us more hopping! Heap! Ho! Ping!
Name : Diary Dona Hit : 4,217

Hello diary your ^^ After the notice of the start of the healing journey in earnest now big time   Due to a wave to be exhausted Boracay diary for       other noble elegance hopping. Hyped as the name shows us more hopping!   Heap! Ho! Ping! Point 1. Boracay West Cove called paradise tour Enjoy a cool drink with the diving points in diving, snorkeling at low depths in the   practice   up!! Point 2.   Al rock Moon rock of a coral reef and tropical fish can meet the snorkeling tour Snorkel and fold-up comeback until the cocktail of tropical fruits and local style!! Point 3. From anywhere in the room to eat chili crab in Singapore that does not provide a formal tour   Show us more spacious and pleasant place for only   hopping in the selected menu up picky!! Hopping now show us more hopping ~ ~!!   Heap! Ho! Ping! This is the truth          .
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